Have you ever attempted to print something on the Windows 10 device but were confronted with an error message which says "Printer driver not available"? If yes, then you're not all on your own. This issue can be extremely complicated and frustrating to resolve If you follow the steps listed below you'll need only just a few minutes before you're in the game!

This article will provide tips for resolving this issue and also to find out the cause. With this knowledge will help you avoid it happening again in the near future.

What is the reason for the "Printer driver unavailable error" error ? 

The famous "Printer driver is not available" issue is typical issue that a lot of users confront. The printer won't print any documents, and you will see this error message in the status of your device: "Driver is unavailable."

There are several factors that could cause this problem with your computer. The good news is that the majority of possibilities are simple to identify and won't require you to alter your printer, much less change it out with a new one! There are a few factors that could cause the problem with the printer driver in Windows 10:

  • The driver for your printer is not there or wasn't properly installed.

  • The driver of your printer has been corrupted.

  • The driver for your printer isn't compatible to your system

  • The driver for your printer isn't up-to-date

  • A brand new Windows Update needs to be installed

  • Windows 10 system bug

This guide will show you what triggers the printer driver to stop working and the best way to repair it swiftly and stop repeating the issue!

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Corrected The printer driver isn't working for Windows 10 Windows 10

Here are five methods to resolve the "Driver is not available" error that your printer is experiencing with Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system.

Method 1. Connect the printer device.

Sometimes all that you have to do to resolve this issue is to reconnect your printer completely. This means removing the printer from your system then unplugging it and after that, reconnecting it. It's possible that doing this could fix any issues with the driver and allow printing to resume.

This is what you must do to completely disconnect your printer. You can then take advantage of the blank slate to reconnect it:

  1. Use the Windows + S keys on your keyboard to open an Search interface. Search for the words Control Panel and then launch the appropriate application from the results of your search.

  2. Select the View button to view devices and Printers and devices. If you don't find this option ensure that you have set your mode to category.

  3. Right-click on the printer that you're experiencing issues with, then choose the option to remove the printer in the contextual menu.

  4. Select Yes when you're asked to do so to do so by your User Account Control (UAC) screen.

  5. After you remove it from your computer disconnect it from your computer. Take about 2 to 3 minutes before reconnecting the device , and wait for Windows 10 to finish setting up.

After you've completed these steps, test to check if the printer is working in the way you intended. If this doesn't work you, try another solution!


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Method 2. Update your printer driver via Windows 10

As with the drivers on your system, they could also get outdated. You may have previously installed driver for your printer previously and didn't upgrade them. Your computer might have come with integrated drivers when you first bought it and they need to be updated right now.

Try updating the driver of your printer to Windows 10 itself by following the steps in the following steps. It's a simple and simple process. No matter the cause, Windows 10 can help to fix this issue by updating your driver . you:

  1. Click the Windows + + keys of your keyboard, then click upon the Device Manager option on the WinX menu.

  2. Then, expand your Printing menu using the click the arrow beside it. Right-click on the printer that is listed in the menu, select to update your driver..

  3. Tips: If you are unable to locate your printer on the list, make sure you check the category titled "Unknown Devices".

  4. Choose Automatically search in search of driver from the available options. This will enable Windows 10 to connect to the internet and search for the most recent driver for the printer you have. It may prompt you to choose a driver if several are available.

  5. Allow the driver installation to be complete before restarting your computer to make modifications.

Remember that you might need to look for a different option (such as manual installation) in the event that Windows 10 is unable to find the driver for your printer online.