In many cases that an HP printer encounters an error, the reason for the error can be clearly seen on the screen. However, in some cases the reason for the HP printer's error could be completely unsolved. Instead of embarking for a wild chase for the right solution to the printer's error, you should attempt a few routine troubleshooting techniques first. If none of these methods work to resolve the printer issue then you can look for solutions at HP's website. HP website.

Step 1

Make sure that you are sure that the HP printing cables connected. If you are unsure you need to turn off the machine, disconnect it and unplug all of the cables for the printer. Connect it back to the printer and connect the cables. Restart the printer to check whether the error has gone away.

Step 2

Examine your HP printing cartridges as well as the print head to make sure they're correctly installed. Also check to see whether the cartridges for your printer are empty. If the cartridges are filled with enough ink, replace the cartridges and print heads. If an ink cartridge is empty Replace it with a fresh one.

Step 3

Check that you ensure that the HP printing software has been correctly installed. If the printer doesn't respond when you attempt to print, or the printer software is unable to start remove and install your HP printing software.

Step 4

Check if your firewall hinders the HP printer from working in a proper manner. Go to your firewall preferences and include the printer's executable files (*.exe) in the exceptions section, or turn off the firewall temporarily to determine whether this resolves the issue. 


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How do you clear HP Error Codes from Your Printer

In most cases , a simple printer cable that resets can clear this HP error message. To do this, follow these easy steps:

- Switch the printer on (unless it's already switched on).

Make sure that the printer is stationery mode before continuing.

While the printer is running remove an power supply cable to the printer's back.

- Disconnect the cord that powers the socket of the plug.

At least wait 60 minutes.

- Plug the power cord back into the socket, and then connect it to power the printer. the printer.

The printer must be turned on.

The printer should wait until it is quiet and check whether this has eliminated the error message.

If the reset isn't working, check out all of the HP errors below and determine an issue and a solution. Also , check the manual for your printer for additional information.


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02 - Heating Up

This HP printer issue is usually caused by driver or printer cable issues. Switch off the printer and then turn it on. The error message will disappear.

If this does not work. Shut off the printer and remove and run the power cable. After 30 secs. take out the printer cable, and switch it on again.

If this doesn't resolve the issue, it could be a hardware issue.

10. Supplies Memory Error

The printer is having issues with the cartridge chip and isn't in reading. It could be because of it getting scratched, dislodged or perhaps not being properly installed in the printer.

The printer is having issues using a chip in the cartridge toner because it's not able to read it. Switch off the printer and remove your power supply for 30 second. take it off and then turn off the power source.

Try reinstalling your printer cartridge. If the issue persists, it could be due to an issue with the hardware.