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Ever came across an error code 752 while performing a print or a scan from your Canon printer? Error code 752 is an error as a result of a fault in the email end. The annoyance is assured when you get to encounter such unwanted elements while performing the sternly important task.  

Wondering how to deal with it? You need not give much of a thought about it as the issue is easily preventable from occurring ever again if you put the words down, into action. There are ways you can consider for scrapping these unwanted errors that are discussed ahead. Meanwhile, you can try out the simplest technique of overcoming the issue. All you need to do is turn your printer off and then back on. Later, disconnect the printer from the network and then connect it back. If this technique does not work, try the tactics given below.

What is Canon printer error code 752?

An error code 752 in your Canon printer is an outcome of the issue with the email settings, printer’s network connectivity, and SMTP server settings. You can rescue your printer from such an issue by suitable tactics of recovery.


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Tricks to eliminate with error code 752

Check out the three different ways to get rid of Canon printer error code 752.

Ensure the server is operational

The initial step is to be assured that your server is in working condition. The Canon printer error code 752 is an email error that may have resulted in a fault in the server. Therefore, you need to check the state of the server and get it rectified in case of any fault.

Check if your network is working

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Network status in the Windows settings

The next step is to verify the network connection, whether in a working state or out of order. You can go through the network status to learn about its working condition and faults if any. As soon as there is a change in the network connectivity this error comes up. Therefore, a network connection needs to be confronted, and if there’s an issue, you should proceed with the rectification process of your network immediately.  

Check the SMTP server name


This issue has been labeled to be the primary cause of Canon printer error code 752. While trying to resolve the error related to SMTP, you may end up making more mistakes. In order to find out whether the email or fax is accurate, you need to know the SMTP server name. You just need to go through the email address and the name in the communication settings. This way, you can help eliminate any of the issues that you may come across in your printer in the future.

If, in any case, none of the above techniques help you assist out of the Canon printer error code 752, you are strongly recommended to have a word with the technician or get in touch with the Canon customer support team.

The printer error codes have been overlooked by the users in most of the events, landing their printers into other bigger problems that get hard to be resolved. Therefore, if you happen to encounter any of the Canon printer error codes, you are suggested to never ignore even a small error and rather find ways to eradicate the slightest of the faults for an ensured efficiency of your printer.

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