Car rental in Cairo is one of the easiest things to do these days, as there are many websites that offer the cheapest car rental prices in Cairo, in addition to the large number of companies in this field.
And when you plan your trip to Cairo, you must not forget to consider the idea of renting a car in Cairo at one of the Cairo airports to take you to your hotel or even to transport it during the trip faster and easier than public transportation.
But going to a car rental site in Cairo and booking the car directly is not entirely correct. Before that, you need some tips and advice about Cairo car rental requirements and some other things.
Therefore, we have prepared this comprehensive guide to be an integrated reference for anyone wishing to rent a car in Cairo.
Car rental requirements in Cairo
Before proceeding to book a Cairo car through any of the various car booking sites, of which Rental cars is the best, you need to:
• A driving license: you need it to be able to drive without fear of legal penalties, and most companies require it mainly to hand over the car to you, and it is preferable to have an international license or another translated local one.
• Visa: You need it to pay the rental cost, and most of the time the amount is not deducted from it until you receive the car. There are some companies that provide Cairo car rental service without a visa and pay cash at their office upon arrival.
Top tips for renting a car in Cairo
• Always choose car rental companies in Cairo that have the best reviews from customers who have previously dealt with them, and we will show you the best of these companies at the end of this report.
• We advise you to read the policies and conditions of car rental companies in Cairo well before proceeding with the reservation.

• If you do not have an international or translated driver's license, you can rent a car with a driver in Cairo from the companies that provide this service, for an additional cost in addition to the basic cost.

• To get discounts on the cost of renting a car in Cairo, book early, well in advance of your travel date, and save more money to enjoy your trip more.

• Consult the company about car insurance and choose companies that offer comprehensive insurance for their cars to avoid paying high costs in the event of damage to one of the parts unintentionally. Make sure that the air conditioner and internal devices work well as soon as you receive the car, and do not forget to make sure that there is a fire extinguisher and spare wheels.

• When you receive the car, make sure that the fuel tank is full of fuel and ask the representative whether it is your responsibility to supply the car with fuel upon delivery or if the company takes care of that.

• Examine your cars and make sure that they are the same car you ordered, and if the company delivers you a car that you did not like or that you did not order, demand a replacement immediately so that you can be handed over to another car.

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