Since the Linksys Extender Login process includes only a few steps, it is usually a smooth and hassle-free process. However, this does not apply to every case. Sometimes, the Linksys Extender login process can be a bit difficult, especially for new users. If you are also a new Linksys user and are trying to log into your extender, you can make it a seamless experience by yourself. But, you will need to follow the tips we have mentioned below. Make sure that the internet-enabled device you are about to use for the login is malware-free and functions well. Ensure that your host device has an active internet supply from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Verify the correctness of the user ID and password that you noted down for use during the login process. Check if you are using the right Linksys re6500 setup portal. Analyze the distance between your Linksys WiFi extender and the host router or modem device.