Air Jordan Shoes 2021 Air Max series: technical characteristics: air cushion, foot feel varies with shoe series, retro air cushion feels general, only the feeling of stepping on the stone; while the air cushion of the modern model feels better and has a better sense of stepping on "shit". The comfort level is almost the same as that of the road, and when you exercise, it is obvious that the modern model is more comfortable. Air Max series often appear in everyone’s eyes. Among them, there is Air Max in running shoes, hereinafter referred to as AM. Among them, am1, am90, and am95 are common trendy shoes. , Retro models, more daily use, the rest are series numbered 2008, 2009, etc. in various years, modern models, mainly used for running sports. Generally, the am series may also be equipped with various other technologies, such as Flyknit, Lunar, and so on. Such as naming: Nike Flyknit Air Max. The air cushion effect in 1,90,95 shoes is not particularly strong, the effect is average, and it can only be used to press the road. And because there are so many colors of 1 and 90, and the style of retro running shoes is more popular, it is better to match clothes. Then came modern models such as Air Max 2014 and Air Max 2015. The air cushion technology has been improved. The simple Air Max technology makes the shoes comfortable and durable, and the excitement of exercise is not as good as that of running shoes of the same grade. The styling is relatively trendy, so it is better to regard it as a composite product between trendy shoes and sports shoes. Of course, from the design point of view, it is a sporty style.
2021 Jordan Shoes Zoom series: The Zoom series is considered a relatively low-key technology in running shoes. Zoom technology is often used in basketball shoes. It is known for its rapid response, flexible feedback and instant cushioning. The weight is in the intermediate position, and the cushioning capacity personally feels better than Max Air, quite stable. Suitable for speed running and middle distance running. The air cushion feedback of Zoom technology is quite good, which is qualitatively different from the soft and soft air cushion of the Lunar series and the slightly harder air cushion of the Air Max series. The fast response and rebound allow it to perform at a very good level in speed running. In terms of appearance design, I personally think that most of Zoom's shoes are not good-looking, and the color scheme is not particularly coquettish, so it may be better for sports. However, the Zoom structure has a slightly trendy shoe style, and it is also very handsome when used with daily clothes.
Cortez series: The Cortez series has changed its name many times, but it does not affect its popularity in every era. In the past few years, the Cortez series was one of the more popular trendy shoes, of course, it is still. The foot feels mid-to-high, but very light, really very light. But if you use it as a pair of sports shoes, compared with modern running shoes, it is obviously not qualified. But if you think of it as a pair of trendy shoes on the road, then you can get the trendy color and light foot feeling. In fact, the Cortez series has been matched with different soles, so the specific cushioning and feedback experience is also very different, but I highly recommend you to regard it as a trendy shoe, so that you will reduce your disappointment in its athletic ability, and Increase the degree of love for it.