Window and Door Specialist is synonymous with high-quality door & window solutions in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. We've proudly installed our products to complete every home with that aesthetic touch.  

We believe that Torontonians shouldn't ever have to settle for anything less than premium doors and windows. Considering the Toronto weather, our windows enhance the aesthetics of your home with energy efficiency. We have consistently raised the bar with our modern range of windows and doors, with vinyl, fiberglass, steel, and wooden options.  

Window & Door Specialists have completed hundreds of projects in Toronto with value-added services that ensure the highest degree of customer satisfaction.  

High-quality Aluminum Windows and Doors in Toronto

We use a combination of steel and aluminum encased in vinyl (U-PVC) that provides excellent insulation and durability. Here are some of the benefits of using aluminum in doors & windows: 

●    Long Lifespan

Owing to aluminum's incredible ability to withstand rust and sunlight, aluminum windows and doors have a long life. 

●    Low Maintenance

No need to paint or varnish to maintain the look of your windows.  

●    Eco-friendly

The most common metal on Earth, aluminum, is an eco-friendly option. 

●    Sturdy

Aluminum is also pretty tough and three times the strength of wood. 

●    Cost-effective

With low maintenance and a longer lifespan, aluminum doors and windows are cost-effective.

Get a Lifetime Warranty

We offer an exclusive non-prorated lifetime warranty on all windows and doors installations.

Call (905) 770-3719 to obtain a no-obligation quote for premium windows and door installation or replacement in Toronto. 

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