Dunham stated that Psyonix has been in regular communication with Sony on the grounds that Rocket League's launch in 2015, with the 2 businesses speakme every day. Cross-play is a subject that is arise multiple times, but Sony has nevertheless but to Rocket League Item Prices give the inexperienced light that Psyonix is looking for.

Nintendo, alternatively, gave Psyonix a superb reaction about pass-play for Rocket League on Nintendo Switch the equal day that Psyonix inquired approximately it, seemingly. Microsoft wished extra time, but most effective about a month to comply with it.

Also within the interview, Dunham stated Pysonix has examined go-play between Xbox One and PS4 in closed environments to Rocket League Trading Prices make sure that it'll work, and the effects were high quality. Now, it's just a matter of Sony giving the green mild.