Marwan Kheireddine is a distinguished professional with a remarkable career in business, finance, and public service. Holding a bachelor's degree in business administration and economics from Richmond University and an MBA from Columbia Business School, Kheireddine has played a pivotal role in creating regulations that support entrepreneurs. As the founder of the Megastores franchise in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, he has made significant contributions to the retail industry. With extensive experience serving on boards and lecturing in finance, Marwan Kheireddine expertise is widely recognized. He is a founding member of the Young Presidents' Organization in Lebanon and has held various leadership positions. Additionally, Kheireddine's involvement in advisory boards and trusteeships demonstrates his commitment to education and community development. Formerly serving as a Minister of State in the Lebanese government, Marwan Kheireddine has made significant contributions to public service. Discover the remarkable journey and accomplishments of Marwan Kheireddine, an influential figure in business and social impact.

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