In Path of Exile (PoE), Exalted Orbs are a valuable currency item that can be used to add a new random modifier to a rare item. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use PoE Exalted Orbs in PoE:

Acquire Exalted Orbs:

Exalted Orbs are a rare and valuable currency in PoE. You can obtain them through various means:

Trading: The most common way is to trade with other players. You can exchange other currency items, valuable equipment, or items with specific modifiers for Exalted Orbs with other players.

Drops: Exalted Orbs can drop randomly from monsters, chests, and other in-game sources. However, their drop rate is relatively low, so acquiring them through drops can be challenging.

Divination Cards: Some divination cards can be collected and turned in for Exalted Orbs when you complete a set.

Identify a Rare Item:

Exalted Orbs are used to enhance rare items, which are items with yellow text and multiple affixes (modifiers). These rare items are the most valuable items in the game and can have up to six affixes.

Prepare the Item:

Ensure that the rare item you want to improve is identified. Unidentified items cannot be modified using Exalted Orbs.

Check the item level of the rare item, as this can affect the types of modifiers that can be added. Higher item levels can roll higher-tier affixes.

Use the Exalted Orb:

Have the Exalted Orb in your inventory.

Right-click on the Exalted Orb to select it.

Left-click on the rare item you want to enhance with the Exalted Orb. A confirmation dialog will appear.

Confirm and Apply:

Confirm the action if you are satisfied with the potential outcome. The Exalted Orb will be consumed, and the item will receive a new random modifier.

The new modifier can be any modifier available for the item type and item level. It can be a prefix or a suffix, and it may be a powerful or less desirable modifier.

Inspect the Result:

Keep in mind that Exalted Orb modifiers are entirely random. There's no guarantee that the new modifier will be beneficial to your character or build.

Review the item after using the Exalted Orb to see the newly added modifier. Evaluate whether it improves or detracts from the item's overall value.

Continue Crafting (Optional):

If the result is not what you desired, you can continue to craft and modify the item using other currency items, such as Divine Orbs or Crafting Bench options, to try to improve it further.

Using Exalted Orbs can be a high-stakes gamble in Path of Exile, as they are valuable and the outcomes are unpredictable. It's crucial to plan your character's gear and modifiers carefully before using them to maximize their effectiveness in your build. If you want to Buy Path of Exile Exalted Orbs , you can choose a safe store, such as