Things EA Sports FC Needs To Change From EAFC 24 Coins

Ronaldo's combination of height (6'0), Pace, Shooting, and Dribbling makes him arguably the best pure striker you can use. Ronaldo's only weakness is a lack of Physicality, otherwise, he would easily top the charts.

As things, are, be sure to focus on avoiding the defenders to open up space for a shot, then let his Finesse Shot Trait do the rest.

Ronaldinho is nothing short of a wizard with a ball, as this unique Icon will surprise you in countless ways. Aside from his astounding stats, Ronaldinho boasts a myriad of Traits, including Flair, Finesse Shot, and Outside Foot Shot to keep the opposing goalkeeper busy.

Despite his low defensive work rate, Ronaldinho's unique body type allows this card to dazzle on the offensive side with unusual animations and unexpected strength. A unique body type and animations are a massive deal in FIFA, especially when comparing top-tier cards that all have similarly high stats.

Try Ronaldinho out if you can get him; you won't be able to play without him again.

Ruud Gullit is not as flashy as his Brazilian peers, but this card surpasses even Zidane in how incredibly well-rounded it is. Gullit's 6'3 frame also features a unique body type in addition to the size that allows him to fend off would-be defenders with ease.

While his Skill Moves are four stars, don't let that fool you as Gullit is silky smooth on the ball and can run an entire game through his play. He is not only rare, but so coveted for his well-rounded abilities that he rarely appears for sale, and is frequently extinct on PC.

While EA FC 24 Coins it's nearly impossible to pack Gullit, his skills on the ball justify the chase.