If you are trying to connect your Cricut machine to a computer, you can do it easily. This blog will cover three main methods by which you can connect both your devices. Those are USB, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. All three methods are simple and convenient. However, people use Wi-Fi methods more commonly. Also, Cricut machines are becoming famous, and people are admiring them more. Even the professionals are using a Cricut machine to make the crafts of your choice. But to use your Cricut machine, you will need to connect it to a computer. Let’s see how to connect Cricut to computer.

Which Methods are Used to Connect Cricut to Your Computer?

As we know, there are three methods to connect Cricut to computers such as USBBluetooth, and Wi-Fi. Also, all the Cricut machines are compatible with the USB connection and come with a USB cable. Bluetooth is also available on both devices. A wireless option is also available on both devices. So, you can choose from these options to connect your Cricut to the computer.

How to Connect Cricut to Computer?

As we have already discussed the methods, let’s see them in a more detailed way. We will see each method one by one. So, prepare the steps carefully and follow them accordingly.

Method 1: Using a USB Cable

It’s the basic and conventional method to connect your Cricut to a computer. However, this method needs both of your devices in proximity. Plus, it’s the simplest method, too. Look at the steps below.

1. First, ensure that both of your devices – Cricut machine and computer are turned on.


2. Then, find the USB cable which you’ve got in your machine’s package. Then, connect it to your devices.


3. After that, continue with downloading and installing the Cricut Design Space via cricut.com/setup.


4. Once you’ve installed Design Space, sign in to your Cricut ID or Create a New ID.

You’ve successfully connected your Cricut machine to the computer using a USB cable. Let’s move to the next step, which is via Bluetooth.

Method 2: Via a Bluetooth Connection

Bluetooth connection is wireless and doesn’t need setting up cables. In this method, you can keep your devices at a distance, but it should not be too much. A distance of 10-15 feet is considerable. Let’s see the steps below.

1. First, make sure that your Cricut machine is connected to the power supply.


2. After this, you are all ready to connect both devices via Bluetooth.


3. Go to Settings on your computer, open the Bluetooth tab, and tap on Connect to pair both devices.


4.  After that, navigate to cricut.com/setup and get the Cricut Design Space software.


5. After downloading and installing the software, log in to your Cricut. If you are a new user, create a new ID.


6. At last, you’ll get a confirmation message that your setup is complete.

Finally, your computer and Cricut machine are connected by Bluetooth.


Method 3: With a Wi-Fi Network

A wireless connection is the most preferable way to connect your Cricut machine to a computer. Almost every user finds this method convenient to set up their devices. Here are the steps to connect Cricut to the computer.

1. Ensure that your Cricut machine is turned on and connected to Wi-Fi.


2. Then, connect your computer to the same Wi-Fi connection.


3. Now, visit Cricut’s official website to download Cricut Design Space.


4. Open the Design Space software and sign in with your Cricut ID. Create a new ID if you’re a new user.


5. After that, click the Settings icon at the top right corner.


6. Then, tap on the machine under the Settings option.


7. Next, click on the Connect Machine option.


8. The screen will show you the directions to go with.


9. Once your Cricut machine is connected to Wi-Fi, you can check it under the machine tab.


10. At last, click on your Cricut model to select it and do anything with your machine.

Finally, your Cricut machine is connected to the computer over Wi-Fi. Now, you can take a test project to check if the connection is working. Your Cricut machine’s package has enough sample materials that you can use to create a test project.


You may have understood how to connect Cricut to computer. We have seen all the main three methods which are popular for connection. You can choose any of these three methods- USB, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi. The USB method requires a USB cable, which you have received with your Cricut machine’s package. Also, both devices can be paired with Bluetooth, which is a wireless connection and works similarly. Then comes the most used method, Wi-Fi, which is also a wireless connection. You’ll need an internet connection for this to set up.


Which Method is Best to Connect Cricut to Computer?

All the methods- wired as well as wireless is best for connecting your Cricut machine to the computer. However, the Wi-Fi connection method is well-suited for all types of workplaces. You can print from anywhere using a Wi-Fi connection. Besides, the other methods, such as Bluetooth and USB connection, are also good when the devices are placed in proximity to each other.

Why is My Cricut Not Connected to Computer?

Although all three methods are convenient and good for connecting your Cricut machine and computer, you must pay attention to the requirements of each method. Otherwise, you may face issues with the connection. For instance, a USB connection may be interrupted when the USB cables are loose or broken. The Bluetooth connection may not work if your devices aren’t paired. A Wi-Fi connection may get down when the internet connection is not stable.


Do I Need a Computer to Connect to Cricut?

Not at all. You don’t need only a computer to Connect to your Cricut Machine. You can also use your laptop, tablet, and smartphone to connect your Cricut. The process is similar to the computer. You’ll have to download and install the Cricut software and log in to it to start using your Cricut machine. However, Chromebooks are not compatible to connect to your Cricut.

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