Path of Exile is a rare game in its genre in that it lacks a primary currency like gold. Instead, it uses functional currency items.

These are things that can be traded for other items and used to modify equipment or maps. They include nails, spheres, scrolls, and blessings.

It’s important to remember that purchasing items or currencies from another player for real money is against the rules. You can get banned if you do this.

Basic Currency

In Path of Exile, basic currency is mainly in the form of orbs. These orbs have different functionalities, such as identifying equipment, creating portals to the town and improving items' quality. They are essential for the progression of the player. These orbs can also be traded between players.

It is important to note that these orbs are consumed when used. This means that their value in the market is based on the number of players using them. If they are continuously consumed by high-level players, their value will be lower than if they were not being used. This is why it is important to know when to use these orbs and when not to. Moreover, the players must choose a reliable site to buy POE currency. This is because some sites are not secure and can cause players to lose their money. The best way to avoid this is by searching for the site on Google before buying the POE currency.

Valuable Currency

The POE economy is made up of a large variety of currency items that have a variety of functions. Some of these include upgrading equipment, recoloring gem sockets, rerolling item properties, and even adding a modifier to a weapon or armor. All of these are very valuable in their own right and allow players to make major upgrades to their gear.

But while the most common currency type in POE is chaos orbs, there are a number of other very valuable types that can be found as well. These are often used in higher end-game crafting that is a huge part of the game's progression.

While it is possible to earn a fortune through these kinds of in-game trading, some players find that grinding the game for this type of currency just isn't practical or fun. So they choose to buy the POE Currency that they need with real money. This is done through sites like WowCarry which is one of the best places to buy POE Currency for cash.

Expensive Currency

In Path of Exile, players collect a wide range of items that can be traded with NPCs or used to modify their character. While many of these items are trivial, a few are quite expensive. For example, Orbs of Transmutation, Orbs of Alteration, and Chaos Orbs are all very valuable. These items can be purchased from other players or crafted by high-level players in large quantities using expensive and rare Orbs of Transformation.

As a result, some players choose to focus on exchanging these expensive items for other currency types. These players are like money changers in the real world – they make a profit by converting one currency type to another.


PoE is a dynamic game with a constantly evolving economy. Players accumulate a variety of currencies through playing, farming, and using vendor recipes, and they can exchange them for new equipment and skills. The complexity and volatility of this system is what sets Path of Exile apart from other ARPGs.

In general, these currency items can be found as drops from monsters or chests, purchased directly from vendors in town, or traded between players. Some of them are especially valuable, such as the Exalted Orb, which can enhance a piece of rare gear with a random affix, or the Divine Orb, which allows players to reroll the explicit modifiers on a piece of equipment.

Other orbs, like the Chromatic Orb, which can randomly change the color of sockets on a piece of equipment, and the Orb of Regret, which lets players refund a passive skill tree node, are less important but still valuable for many players. All types of PoE currency and orbs are available for sale on Odealo, allowing players to purchase the ones they need without worrying about scams.