Brent has had numerous encounters with the law and is waiting for trial over charges of Mut 24 coins manslaughter intoxication after allegedly causing the death of another fellow Cowboys participant Jerry Brown.

"This is the best choice for me, and one that I've given a considerable amount of thought," Brent said. "I'm in a place where my primary focus is setting priorities in my life in order. Priorities are more important that football."

KD Drummond of Blogging The Boys thinks that this was the best decision for Brent because it will aid in calming his mind. This move will also help clear some other issues that surfaced as Brent continued to play, as he dealt with issues off the field, according to Drummond.

The Cowboys won't have the responsibility of giving assistance to a player who even with prison time, could not stop him from breaking the law again, regardless of the way one views smoking marijuana.

Brent's actions could be seen as him stepping his responsibility for the situation is affecting him and recognizing the severity of the situation he's confronted with. If the legal issue turns to Brent's advantage then he will need to retire. The rights he has are held by the Dallas Cowboys and the league may then reassess the possibility of a suspension.

Hard Knocks series gets mult-year extension through Madden NFL 24 Films, HBO

HBO as well as the Madden NFL 24 Films crew has extended their contract in connection with Hard Knocks, it was announced on Thursday. There were no details released about the duration of the agreement however Madden NFL 24 Films' Ross Ketover buy madden 24 coins referred to the extension as an "multi-year renewal" and stated that they'd be in the game for "a couple of years more."