Playing puzzle games is always entertaining. Particularly in the early levels, they frequently feature engaging gameplay and are remarkably simple to master. However, as you advance, the challenges increase, which may further captivate your interest in the game. Jewel Mania, an arcade puzzle game, provides precisely this. It is a phenomenal match-3 game published by Storm8 Studios in which the objective is to finish the objectives before you run out of moves.

It is an entertaining and enjoyable puzzle game that you will not be sorry to download. Additionally, similar to other puzzle games, Jewel Mania increases in difficulty as you advance. Regarding its comprehension, let us proceed to deliberate on the appropriate methodology for playing it in the following section.

Complementary hued gems in the game

Upon commencing, you will be promptly guided through a brief tutorial. Simply put, the game will demonstrate how to play. As this is a match-3 logic game, the objective is to horizontally or vertically match at least three jewels. When a minimum of three identical gemstones are aligned, they are eliminated from the board and you are awarded points. Such is the essence of the Jewel Mania activity.

Nevertheless, the tutorial continues. You will acquire knowledge regarding the power enhancements that are available for acquisition in the subsequent level. When more than four identical gemstones are matched, a power enhancement is granted. It will be identical to every other gem on the board, with the exception that its removal will activate a unique ability. When utilized, the entire row or column is eliminated.

In the following two levels, you will encounter additional power enhancements. One is the diamond power enhancement, which is obtained by matching five jewels of the same kind. The second is an increase in explosive capacity that can be obtained by matching five gemstones in an L-shape. While the diamond boost expels the jewels with which it was exchanged, the explosive detonates within a specified area.

Each level will present you with a distinct objective, such as attaining a particular score. It must be finished prior to running out of movements. You will be required to break the glass upon which the gemstones rest in subsequent levels. This is accomplished by removing the gems from the glass. There are probably additional objectives that you will be required to accomplish. However, keep in mind that the objective is to finish them before you run out of moves.

Principal Characteristics of Jewel Mania

Over 600 levels in total to conquer
Leverage-friendly controls
Enjoyable and addictive gameplay
Captivating visuals while you solve riddles
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