I can tell you for certain that this is true. The launch event in Europe was a lot bigger over North WoTLK Classic Gold America.

WotLK Classic How Blizzard Destroyed the EU Launch

I've been playing on Skyfi. PvP that you've played on what now tickle? Was it? Yeah, both PvP boys We don't engage in that kind of PvE thing. So what are your current cues like the most prominent cues. When I tried to log in today at 1pm It was already 3100 players waiting in the queue. This was supposed to be two hours of waiting, but it turned out to be three hours. It was after 1 pm in the afternoon. It now seems like it could be six hours now.

Oh my God. That's crazy. Like the longest wait I had so far for context in North America was 40 minutes. on primetime. Really? Yes, it's like 45 minutes. Fun story. When I arrived our home from work to stream I didn't check the queue prior to going live. Then I streamed and I chatted with you for 40 minutes. It was a good time, I learned that lesson very quickly.

I watch the livestream.

I know. Oh, my God. Lulu has me logged in today. There's no queue. There is no queue right now on asylee. When is the time? Is it 350 for me. This means that tonight's start time is 2:50pm. It's like the weekend. This should be a pretty packed time. It's not prime but definitely packed. Yeah. This is why I have times of the night, due to the fact that I stream in the evening that's right, which is the most popular time to stream.

And during the night I get a wait, however it's like 1000 people 20 minutes, something like that, you know, I let it go. By the time cheap WoTLK Gold I'm on and finished, it's over the queue, it's only been for six hours. how do you get around that? It's insane.