Since 2010, dealers have flooded into the U.S. market, deliberately selling fake or low-quality sex dolls, or simply copying sex dolls from well-known Chinese brand manufacturers, and then selling them on well-known markets or at unbelievable dumping prices. For sale on our own website.

What may appear to be a very cheap sex doll at first glance, especially if the replica is advertised with a photo of the original product, often turns out to be an expensive and terrible purchase when you open the box as these are made of TPE or silicone Sex dolls often have obvious flaws and are of poor quality.

Currently, almost only TPE sex dolls are affected by this kind of plagiarism, as their production requires very little effort and technical knowledge compared to silicone sex dolls, which can be understood as insufficient.

Common defects include:
The material is called (medical) silicone but is a cheap TPE. The skeleton is missing important joints, such as the wrists. A strong and mostly pungent odor, often with a strong chemical odor. The gel filling of the breasts may not be correct. Leak uses inferior materials and feels significantly worse than a high-quality sexdoll.

When the deceived buyer opened the box, he discovered that the cheap sex doll he had purchased bore "some" resemblance to the product photos, except for a glob of evaporated solvent!

In many cases, ads for cheap sex dolls include photos of the manufacturer's product, but the customer only receives a crudely made original! Faded facial features are easily noticeable due to the simple impression of reduced quality. Other providers create their own templates and models and then simply model them on the original avatar.

Due to the higher price of sex doll bodies and head molds, cheaper manufacturers can only provide a few types of doll bodies and sex doll heads, so they are definitely not a choice from the large number of different doll bodies and heads offered by brand manufacturers. Therefore, if a customer selects their bargain item on the item picture, there is a good chance they will not receive a sex doll!

US Stock - RIDMII Swift 164cm 218 Head TPE Athletic Adult Sex Doll With Short Hair