Hello everyone, happy to be back I'd like to make a short video about the pre patch specifications.

Which Prepatch of WOTLK is the best for Mage? Fire, Frost or Arcane?

Many people have asked me to do it. I didn't plan on doing it, but due to this, I'm going provide the people with what they would like. So , I'm going to walk through the specifications in a short amount of time. Then, how to play them, max max, and all the rest which will be revealed in an arcane video guide and an instruction guide for fire. The guide will be out on Wednesday, or tomorrow by the latest time for fire.

However, tomorrow will be a bit more arcanefeatures, so keep an eye out for that and then we'll jump into the specifications. WoW Classic SoD Gold The specs will be listed within the descriptions. If you'd like to look through the specifications, you can simply look them up. You can also type exclamation points the pre patch specifications in my Discord channel to find the specs there in my Twitch chat.

However, I would like to discuss the spec that is the best, as this is also what I'm often being asked, in addition to knowing is the best spec to go with to before patching. We're believing that arcane will be the most effective, but we're not sure if the reason why we buy WoW SoD Gold think arcane will be the most effective is that it has the best glyphs Arcane blast and Arcane Missiles, the third being typically molten armor.