There was nothing to worry about Brown, and there was little reasons to think that the Browns made a mistake by taking his place over teammate LaVar Arrington. Chris Samuels, Jamal Lewis, Plaxico Burress and Brian Urlacher.

Aldon Smith has had more sacks in the last season (19.5) than Brown did in his entire professional career (19).

The injuries may have taken a toll on Brown somewhat, but that isn't the reason for his absence of performance as a pass-rusher and run-stuffer. He had the type of career you'd expect and respect, out of players selected at the 5th round, but not the kind of thing you'd expect to experience from the top pick. Sometimes when everything is supposed to be going well and everything is going to be perfect, it doesn't.

An Honorable Mention Vernon Gholston

9. Gerard Warren, DT, Florida - 3rd overall, Cleveland 2001

I wonder to myself whether there's going to be a controversy about the inclusion of Warren. In all likelihood, he was in the Madden NFL 24 from 2001 until 2011 for The Browns, Broncos, Raiders and Patriots. Courtney Brown's teammate on as well The Browns and Broncos, Warren was supposed to help usher in Cleveland into an exciting new time with energy and vitality thanks to his having the number three spot for three straight season.

The best picks from the century. Do you need some Madden NFL 24 Draft positive affirmation? See the top 10 picks teams pulled out of the draft.

Together with Tim Couch, Brown, and Warren the team would quickly be able to forget the Ravens were victorious in their first Super Bowl in 2000. Right? This is so Cleveland.

Even though Couch as well as Brown were mostly just bad players, Warren wasn't a poor player that was replaced by fantastic players during a time when Cleveland needed to finally get one right. They weren't. Warren had a few very excellent seasons in the middle of the line defensive with 150 overall tackles 16.5 sacks, nine deflections of passes and seven forced fumbles throughout 4 seasons for the Browns. These are impressive numbers indeed, but consider the background of the Madden NFL 24 Draft.

Warren was taken after Michael Vick and Leonard Davis two players who were able to combine with seven Pro Bowl appearances. (Though Davis has an argument that he is a failure in his own way.) Then came Warren. In the next season, came four-time Pro Bowl, All-Pro Justin Smith. Following that, five-time Pro Bowl, three-time All-Pro running back LaDainian Thomason. He was followed by seven time Pro Bowl, three-time All-Pro Richard Seymour. The next pick, Andre Carter, made one Pro Bowl and has 78.5 total sacks in his career.

The biggest knock against Warren could be the group he keeps at the highest of the draft however, it does illustrate how poor the Browns have at creating. He's surrounded by six players who made it to the Pro Bowl. What might be more problematic is that the Browns future pick the wide receiver Quincy Morgan, is also in the same group as six players who were in the Pro Bowl. (Reggie Wayne, Todd Heap, Drew Brees, Kyle Vanden Bosch, Alge Crumpler, Chad Johnson.)

Brown, Warren, Couch Brown, Warren, Couch Morgan are just a few examples of why the Browns have been so terrible for many years. The worst talent assessors who simply picked the wrong players. However, on the bright part, they were able to discover two players worthy of being on this list.

Cleveland is a great city!

Honorable Mention: This is the best way to fit Leonard Davis. He was a selection ahead of Warren You don't expect to land a guard, but that's what happened with Arizona in addition to Davis. Davis spent six seasons with the Cardinals in which he changed the line from right guard to a mediocre left tackle, before leaving for a Pro Bowl guard with the Cowboys. Davis will have an excellent career it is but another wrinkle on the front of Cardinals draft history.

8. Amobi Okoye, DT, Louisville - 10th overall, Houston, 2007

I want to start off by saying that Okoye is always been a standout player. There are certain things that will be memorable to me when I think of draft day and will be remembered for the rest of my life and will ensure that I'll be following certain players I have no actual attachments to And Okoye will always be one of those guys.

There was a lot of talk about the issue that Okoye, 19. was going to be the youngest first-round pick ever. He was selected by Louisville when he was only 15 and then he resisted Harvard for the same reason. He played in the college game when he was 16. He graduated early. He made the second team All-American at 19. He had a big head on his shoulders. He was a dazzling sportsman for his age and the idea of what he could become was overwhelming. But at a certain moment, do we get too excited about the player's potential in lieu of what he is? Is it possible that Okoye would have been an ideal choice for the third round of the draft as developing a player to take on a regular basis when he's 23 or 24. instead of when he's 20?

But the Texans didn't notice his age and chose to sign his name, but they also overlooked the players they chosen, which consisted of Patrick Willis, Marshawn Lynch, along with Darrelle Revis. Can you imagine the Texans today with Willis or Revis?

One can observe how the selection process in 2007 was filled with disappointments, including players that were selected before Okoye Levi Brown, Jamaal Anderson and Ted Ginn Jr, but Okoye has been the player that stands out most due to the reality that it's always the biggest risk to take a teenager into the Madden NFL 24 that at the very beginning of the selection. He played for four seasons in Houston and has also been a bench member for the Bears over the last two years.

On the bright side there is plenty of the time to make Okoye get his life back on track. After all, he is just 25!

Honorable An Honorable Mention: Six selections later the Packers selected defensive tackle Justin Harrell out of Tennessee. He was a rookie recovering from the torn biceps tendon in his left shoulder, then showed up to OTAs overweight He played in seven games as a rookie, started in 2008 with the PUP but played in just six games during the season He was out for all of 2009 as well as all but one game in 2010. He was out of the game with 14 games played and two starts. This is a Harrell of more than Green Bay expected.

7. Mike Williams, WR, USC 10th overall, Detroit 2005

This is one of the most uncontroversial items on this list, isn't it? There are too many aspects Mut 24 coins related to "WTF?" to be able to overlook the fact the decision of Williams in the game against the Lions at 10th made completely no sense.

The Lions had just drafted Roy Williams at seventh overall the year before.The Lions had just drafted Charles Rogers at second overall the year before Roy Williams!He had not played football for an entire year.If you're planning on loading up on a position three years in a row, and you're the Lions surely you're going with wide receivers?Yeah, If you're an organization like the Lions buy madden 24 coins with Matt Millen, it does make sense. The team drafted him over DeMarcus Warse, Shawne Merriman in addition to Derrick Johnson.