Ffxiv gil is the main currency in the game. It is used to buy items, weapons, and equipment. It is also used to complete quests and dungeons. It is also used to purchase player housing.

There are many ways to make Gil in FFXIV. These include killing monsters, completing FATEs, and farming.

How to make gil?

There are a number of ways to make gil in FFXIV. The most common way is to do quests. This can be done by completing main scenario quests or sidequests. The other method is to craft or gather. This can be done by the Disciples of the Land or other gathering classes. This can be one of the best ways to make gil quickly but it does require an initial investment in melded gear and time to level a crafting class.

The Market Board is another good source of gil. However, it is not always profitable. For example, it takes a lot of time to sell items like Topsoil and Goblacquer. It is also important to check the market before selling. Also, it is important to know that Market Board prices are volatile after a new patch.


In FFXIV, players can get gil from a variety of quests. These include main scenario quests, side story quests, leve quests, and seasonal event quests. They can also get gil from treasure chests, which contain varying amounts of gil.

Food buffs are another source of gil, granting the player a 3% EXP boost for 30 minutes. Buying large stacks of this can be a quick way to make gil.

In FFXIV, having a lot of gil makes the game a lot more fun and allows for some luxuries. It can help the player port around at will, buy catchup gear to speed up progression and reach high-end content more easily, or stockpile consumables. Having lots of gil can also give the player confidence to explore deeper into the world and try different things, like going on a hunt or taking part in a guildleve.

Killing monsters

The primary currency of the world of Vana'diel, Gil is obtained by killing monsters and selling their equipment and Materia. Equipment sells for half its purchase price, and Materia (except mastered Materia) sells for its AP value. Gil is also found in treasure spheres and chests.

Players can also earn a lot of gil by doing daily Duty Roulettes and the MSQ. Quests, FATEs and Leves also reward a large amount of Gil.

The design of gil in Final Fantasy XIV is based on the Japanese yen and ancient Chinese coins. The gil coins are small, flat and circular with holes in them that resemble the hole found in yen and Chinese money. They are the primary form of currency in the game, and are used for purchasing items and services.


There are many ways to make Gil in FFXIV, including gathering and killing monsters. However, farming gil in FFXIV can be time consuming and tedious. Fortunately, there are several ways to farm Gil in FFXIV that can be more effective than traditional methods.

Retainer Ventures are a great way to make gil in FFXIV. The more you complete, the higher your rewards will be. You can also earn a lot of gil by completing side quests and leves.

Gathering classes are the best way to make best way to make gil ffxiv in FFXIV. These classes harvest natural resources throughout Eorzea and sell them on the Market Board. They can also complete Levequests and turn in HQ goods to receive custom experiences. This is a more efficient gil making method than simply killing monsters.


Housing has long been a major feature of MMORPGs. In FFXIV, there are several options to choose from including cottages, houses, and mansions. The game also features a number of interior furnishings and utilities that can be purchased for your home.

Unlike many other MMORPGs, FFXIV has private housing available to Free Company members. These private estates are similar to guild halls and can be shared with up to three friends. They can be a great Gil sink but require time to manage.

Currently, the housing system is in flux. Until a more stable situation is found, players should consider renting a house or an apartment instead of buying a house. The housing district is divided into wards and subdivisions. Those who wish to purchase a plot of land must do so through the lottery system.