Making ESO Gold in Elder Scrolls Online is a must if you want to access the more interesting parts of the game. Whether you spend your gold on character customization or crafting materials, you’ll need plenty of gold on hand. There are plenty of ways to make gold in ESO, though your preferred method depends largely on what you like to do in game.You should always try a variety of methods to avoid burnout, but sometimes you just want to make some quick cash. In this ESO Gold Farming Guide, we’ll cover both the easy, passive methods and the longer, more difficult ways to make gold.

Farming Valuable Sets

You are going to farm valuable sets in areas where they drop. Usually, sets that are part of the Meta can be sold for a very good profit. Some good examples of sets include Briaheart, Mother's Sorrow, Spinner's Garments, and more. If you have the materials or can afford to improve the quality of the sets, they will fetch an even better price.

Farming Chests

Opening chests is a great way to get jewelry from areas without Dark Anchors or other similar World events. Valuable rings and necklaces from sets like Briarheart or Bright-Throat's Boast can be found like this.

Fortune's Favor and Treasure Hunter stars within the Craft constellation can help you make even more gold with this method. The Keen Eye: Treasure Chests passive from Excavation line is also helpful because it allows you to spot chests faster.


Crafting can be very lucrative if you make and sell the right items. Spell Power and Weapon Power potions sell very well and are always in demand. You can also sell some specific crafted sets at a good price. Before you can make a lot of gold with Crafting, you will have to spend time and gold, but it is a reliable way of earning gold in ESO.

Furnishing crafting is also very profitable as long as you can afford the materials cost and have the skills.

Harvesting Crafting Materials

Farming Crafting materials and selling them to Crafters is a good method because some materials are expensive and will fetch a great price. Using a dedicated character at speed cap is often the best way to harvest materials.

To harvest materials of higher value, you will have to invest skills points in Crafting skills. Master Gather and Plentiful Harvest stars in the Craft constellation can also help you make more gold with this method.


Stealing is always a fun way to make gold in TESO, and you can make a small fortune if you get the right loot. A dedicated Thief build is required to be effective when stealing.

Stealing is especially profitable for new zones. With this method, you can find new motifs and more items to sell for a lot of gold. To get a better profit, be sure only to sell the most valuable items at a Fence.

Converting Writ Vouchers to Gold

This is another method for Crafters, and it requires time investment before you can use it. Completing Master Writs rewards you with Writ Vouchers, which you can exchange for items and recipes that you can sell as they are or learn to create and sell the products.

Remember, earning gold in ESO takes time and effort, so don't be discouraged if you don't see results immediately. Try out these methods and find what works best for you. Maybe you can choose to Buy ESO Gold from a safe merchant to help you enjoy the game better, such as