I didn't use the SGS a whole lot against boss monsters, but it definitely shines against virtually all them, in addition to OSRS gold from the Barrows. It is also possible to use it in conjunction with other skills, for example healing if Thieving or coaching Agility, and Slayer naturally. That is my biased opinion on the SGS being best, I would certainly buy it again if I began to train Power.

And if no: that stats should I up a little? Should I use the ranged-only setup? Or the guthans installation? (I could just about afford it I have roughly 3.2mil cash and an abby whip so that could add it up ) Now if I use the ranged-only installation: What kind of gear should I use? Karils? Or black d'hide? And what kind of arrows/bolts? Which creature should melee to acquire health? What kind of ranged-setup should use when not healing with guthans? Also generally about the inventory: What potions should I take with me? Should I buy some purple candies? I am aware that there are a lot of questions, but I'd be very grateful if I would get some answers to them. Thanks in advance,

I was attempting to determine how much time it would require me to receive 99 rc. Even when I use body gloves, it will take me about 1000 hours. . .if I rc for two hours daily, it is going to wind up taking me around 17 weeks, and that's not going to happen, lol. I truly don't wish to Buy RS gold invest 2 decades simply to buy 99 rc. I'm not just rich, so I have to mine my ess if I'm going to do that, and that's a decent amount (can not recall how much exactly, but it seemed like alot).