The acclimatized activity amidst Nexon and Ironmace over the abutting of Dark and Darker has already authentic to Dark And Darker Gold be aloof as barbarous as the activity in the bold itself, and this latest advance from Ironmace’s attorneys shows that the affray is cool to be bound any time soon. And with Ironmace activity as far as to ask admirers of the accurately afflicted appellation to torrent Dark and Darker advanced of the latest playtest, it’s ablaze that this is a activity the indie collapsed is bent to win.

With Dark and Darker accepting already been delisted from Steam due to some controversy, developer Ironmace has asked admirers to torrent the bold to abide acknowledging it. Nexon and Ironmace accept been in a acclimatized back-and-forth aback March which has acquired the Dark and Darker Steam woes for the latter, but its band-aid may be applicable for some abeyant admirers and a workaround to get the diehards aback into the alcove ample appropriate away.

Nexon is the developer abaft titles like Maple Chance and Godzilla Aegis Force, but it currently has a bold in the works dubbed P3 that shares a apprehensive cardinal of similarities with Dark and Darker. Because there are developers animate on Dark and Darker with acquaintance at Nexon that could've been buried to P3, Nexon noticed "major gameplay, rules, and art" similarities amidst the two titles afterwards an investigation. As a result, Nexon has issued a DMCA and cease and abandon to Ironmace apropos the appointment actuality done on Dark and Darker and its Steam status, but Ironmace seems audacious by the legalities and affairs to buy Dark And Darker Gold Coins move advanced through torrenting.