In Throne and Liberty, the Sword and Shield is a primary weapon type known for its defensive capabilities and tanking role. Let's delve into the basic character attributes, weapons, and details specific to the Sword and Shield in the game. When you embark on your journey, mmowow can lend a helping hand when you need help.

Basic Character Attributes:

  • Strength: Determines physical damage output.
  • Vitality: Influences health points (HP) and overall resilience.
  • Agility: Affects movement speed and evasion.
  • Intelligence: Governs magical abilities and resistance.

Basic Weapons:

Sword and Shield: A defensive weapon combo used for tanking and crowd control.

Role and Attributes:

The Sword and Shield in Throne and Liberty are positioned as a frontline tank with high defense and crowd control capabilities. It excels in absorbing damage and protecting allies while maintaining a threat to enemies.

Suitable Hero Attributes:

  • High Vitality for increased survivability.
  • Moderate Strength for decent damage output.
  • Some points in Agility for better mobility and evasion.

Active Skills:

  1. Shield Bash:

    • Deals 540% base damage + 120 and has a 70% chance to inflict weakness, reducing the target's accuracy by 250 for 6 seconds.
    • Increases shield block chance by 1%, increasing melee shield bash chance by 48.
    • Reduces remaining shield bash cooldown by 1.3 seconds whenever a successful counter is executed with Counter Barrier.
  2. Furious Charge:

    • Charges forward 5 times the attack distance, dealing 240% base damage + 150 to up to 5 targets and has a 70% chance to cause collision: knockback.
    • Upon charging, deals 98% base damage to enemies in front. Stuns the target for 2 seconds if they collide with a wall.
  3. Counter Barrier:

    • Increases shield block chance by 41% for 9 seconds.
    • Successful evasion of melee, ranged, or magic attacks, or performing shield block or parrying, triggers a counter, mitigating 500% damage.
  4. Chain Hook:

    • Deals collision: 80% chance to produce a pulling effect lasting 3 seconds. Using it on bosses will move you to their location.
  5. Provoke Roar:

    • Has a 70% chance to inflict weakening: provoke on 6 enemies within a 3m radius, lasting 4.8 seconds (7.2 seconds for monsters).
    • Provoked targets redirect their attacks and skills toward you.
  6. Shield Throw:

    • Throws a shield forward, dealing damage equal to 210% base damage to all targets in its path, and returns to you.
    • Each hit increases melee, ranged, or magic critical hit chance by 80 for 6 seconds.
    • Increases the target's aggression significantly.
  7. Fortress:

    • Creates a 10m radius area, increasing damage reduction by 103 for you and your allies for 9 seconds.
    • Lasts 2 seconds.
  8. Decimate Slash:

    • Deals 240% base damage + 34 damage to all surrounding enemies.
    • Deals 310% base damage + 41 damage to weakened targets.
  9. Intense Clash:

    • Deals 220% base damage to the target and has an 80% chance of causing collision: push toward the target.
    • Has the same chance to push other enemies colliding with the target, with reduced damage. Stuns the target for 3 seconds if they collide with a wall.

Passive Skills:

  1. Seasoned Evasion:

    • Increases ranged and magic evasion based on proximity to attacking enemies, up to 300 for every 30m.
    • Additionally, increases melee, ranged, and magic evasion by up to 120 against provoked targets.
  2. Resilient Mind:

    • Successfully evading attacks restores 46.2 mana and 21 health.
    • Each successful shield or attack block restores 35.7% of the blocked damage as mana.
  3. Divine Shield:

    • Increases melee, ranged, and magic defense by 9.6 for every 1% shield block chance.
    • Reduces damage taken by 5.5%.
  4. Spectrum of Pain:

    • Each successful attack against provoked targets increases the remaining provoke duration by 0.4 seconds.
    • Deals 72% + 37 base damage to other provoked targets within a 3m radius.
  5. Gerald's Patience:

    • After each successful evade, shield block, or parry, increases all crowd control resistance by 18.75 for 3 seconds.
    • Can stack up to 10 times.
  6. Indomitable:

    • Increases melee, ranged, and magic defense based on the number of enemies within a 9m radius.
    • Increases defense by 299 if there are 2 or fewer enemies, 400 if there are 3 to 6 enemies, and 820 if there are 7 or more enemies.
  7. Rallying Cry:

    • Targets colliding with another target reduce all skill cooldowns by 20%.
    • Each subsequent collision in the chain reduces all skill cooldowns by 11.7%.

This comprehensive guide should assist players in understanding the Sword and Shield's role, skills, and attributes in Throne and Liberty.


Other Weapons Details and Recommendations:

In addition to sword and shield, there are several other weapon types available in the game, each with its unique characteristics and uses. Recommended weapon combinations may include:

  1. Greatsword: Ideal for high damage output and crowd control, suitable to pair with sword and shield for a sturdy defense and high output combination.

  2. Dagger: Offers quick single-target damage and high mobility, complementing sword and shield for high survivability and agile combat style.

  3. Longbow: Used for ranged attacks and enemy control, can be combined with a sword and shield to add combat versatility and ranged support.

Methods of Equipment Acquisition and Equipment Characteristics:

Equipment can be obtained through defeating enemies, completing quests, challenging dungeons, or purchasing from shops. Each piece of equipment has different attributes and features, including damage boosts, defense enhancements, and skill effect improvements.

Importance of Upgrading Weapons and Specific Reasons:

Upgrading weapons is crucial as it increases their attributes and effects, enhancing the character's combat and survival capabilities. This is essential for facing stronger enemies or completing higher-difficulty tasks. Additionally, upgrading weapons unlocks new skills and traits, adding depth and strategy to combat.

Necessity of Sword/Shield Build and Its Practical Application in Combat:

The sword/shield build is essential in the game as it provides reliable defense and control, attracting enemy attention and protecting allies. In combat, the sword/shield build can fulfill important tanking roles, drawing enemy attacks and shielding teammates from harm.

Enhancing Defensive Abilities and the Concept of Collision Mastery Tree:

To enhance the defensive capabilities of the sword and shield, players can focus on strengthening shield block, increasing health points and defense attributes, and selecting relevant skills and talents from the Collision Mastery Tree. The Collision Mastery Tree focuses on increasing damage, crowd control, and resistance, making the character more robust and reliable.

Introduction to Throne and Liberty - Lucent Concept and Its Application in Early, Mid, and Late Game:

Throne and Liberty Lucent is a special resource in the game used to enhance equipment, unlock special skills, and improve character abilities. In the early, mid, and late games, Lucent has different uses, helping players improve their combat strength and unlock more game content. Expecting Throne and Liberty - Lucent to bring more possibilities to the game's development and provide players with more fun and challenges.

Expectations for the Game's Future:

We anticipate continuous updates and expansions to Throne and Liberty, introducing new content, challenges, and improvements to enhance the overall gaming experience. Looking forward to seeing the community grow, more exciting gameplay features, and engaging events that keep players coming back for more.