Character health points can be increased in Path of exile currency several ways by:

Increasing the character level - the character will gain 12 health points. Exotic skills - some abilities on the ability tree that is passive permit you to acquire points or increase the proportion of health points. Increasing the Strength feature - the health point swimming increases.

Gear - a bonus is offered by a great deal of things to Power parameter or wellness points.

Indirect - since it doesn't impact the amount of health points - a way to improve the nature's endurance would be to boost its defensive parameters - i.e. protection, dodging and resistance to specific components. This will not increase the number of health issues, however you will lose less with each blow that is received.

To restore health, you are able to:

Use potions - Life Flask and Hybrid Flask things allow you to restore a particular number of health points. Health that is regenerate mechanically - regeneration can be accomplished through passive skills and the things the character is equipped with.

Recover points based on hits and kills the Life on parameter allows you to restore a number of health issues for each enemy hit, while Life on Kill restores wellbeing for each murdered competitor. Return to the city - a visit to POE buy currency the town will restore health.