We have been using AOL mail for a longer time. Even before the innovation of Smartphones, we were still using AOL mail, the AOL chatting system to chat with friends for sending texts and sharing media with one another. Well, it didn't last long because Gmail and other platforms came to light. Although, AOL mail was loyal to its customers and made a huge user base. Now, it is also a developed company like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, etc. But still, technology is a myth itself. There are pros and cons to everything. No doubt, AOL is delivering great service to customers but still some of them face problems when AOL Mail doesn't work on their device.

Here are some procedures you can follow to fix the issue:

  • Restart the AOL application: The easiest way to fix any issue is to restart the application. It means that, press the home button and clear the AOL Mail application from recent apps. Then try opening the application again.
  • Reinstall and remove data from the phone: Sometimes our phones store some cache or temp data, which also affects the phone's performance and applications. So, it is better to remove all the data from the AOL app and reinstall it.
  • Reset multiple accounts through settings: Luckily you will be able to fix this issue by now but if you are still facing the issue then you can try removing all the accounts stored on your phone. In order to do this, open 'settings', find AOL Mail in the 'accounts' section, and tap on the 'reset all accounts' option.
  • Update the AOL application: Well, there might be a reason why your AOL Mail is not working because you are still using the old version of this application. Please go to the App Store and update the application then try opening it again.
  • Update the iOS version:  Even after doing all the procedures, if you are still facing issues with the AOL mail then see if you are using the older version of iOS. If so, then update it to the latest version, restart your phone, and then try again.


In the above discussion, we have studied all the procedures you can perform to fix the AOL Mail not working issue. After performing any of the steps please restart your mobile phone for better performance. And if you are still facing the same error again then surely contact the AOL Mail customer support team or visit the official website for better assistance.