As has been mentioned many times in this guide, Path of Exile employs a exceptional ability system. The player puts special skill stones into slots in Path of exile currency objects (weapons and armor components ), thus gaining entry to the ability connected to the given gems.

Added to this is the ability to combine ability stones together with support stones. Distinguish them easily - the first have a form that is fairly simple, the next in turn are around. It's not about shape, but their operation - skill stones provide access to abilities, support stones, in turn, offer alterations to the prior.

Everything operates simply. First, locate. What is more, a chain, which makes the stones in those nests interact must connects them. Finally set the capacity stone in 1 slot - such as Freezing Pulse - to the support stone - such as Volley Support.

By default, this Freezing Pulse capability fires one frost beam. 3 shells will be fired, increasing the range of the capability's degradation, although thanks to Volley Support, skill damage will decrease marginally. There are hundreds of mixtures in the game, you could combine several stones at once to get an effect.

However, using support stones to boost an ability does something - increasing their ability's mana cost. Each succeeding stone includes a multiplier 140 percent - in cheap POE currency this circumstance, the mix will cause will cost 28. Each succeeding mix increases coststhat spells may have price.