In the case of GD K P is I am completely good with WoW Cataclysm Classic Gold speed running. I think it's all well and good. It's an excellent thing. I enjoyed it. I even watched speed runs earlier before the classic version came out with similar progress to some of salad bakers Apes. It's like the majority of their old videos. I thought these were fucking fantastic, but how do you include speed on it? Yeah, exactly. So all of those things are totally good. I just don't like buying gold.

How can we repair this ailing economy? There are a several options. The most straightforward one is to pay the damn GMs I'm talking about, Blizzard is likely to benefit significantly more from the game being in good health and never lose out on from paying the salary of a handful of Customer Service employees. Since that's not going to happen,, why not just inflate Gold values in the game? As in, 100 times 100?

This means that instead of getting 10 gold for your an inquiry, you'll get 1000. Instead of paying 500 they do it in the real world. Yes, they should do this, bro. They should just do this shit at the actual time. Heck yeah. Instead of being the $15 hourly rate I'm getting paid $150 an hour. Problem solved. Everyone's going to be rich.

The rising, now 500k This would severely decrease the value of the piles of gold suppliers are hoarding and it would create farming the most efficient way to earn money again. the thing they should do is they should add very, very massive gold sinks to the game, that do not have much of competitive value.

There are some really large bags like something about 50.000 gold and Wrath of the Lich King. You can buy this as an auction. It's like a mount with an auction house or something similar to WoW Cataclysm Classic Gold for sale that. I like it. I think they must do to eliminate all gold from the market.