Introduction to Altium Ltd

Altium Ltd competitors is a leading provider of electronic design automation (EDA) software, widely recognized for its flagship product, Altium Designer. The company specializes in PCB (Printed Circuit Board) design software, offering comprehensive solutions for engineers and designers in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, and telecommunications.

Overview of Altium Ltd's Market Position

Core Products and Services

Altium Ltd’s core offerings include:

  • Altium Designer: A powerful and versatile PCB design tool that integrates schematic capture, PCB layout, FPGA development, and embedded software design.

  • Altium 365: A cloud-based platform that facilitates collaboration and data management for PCB designers.

  • Nexar: A platform that connects designers and manufacturers, enhancing the design-to-manufacturing workflow.

Market Segments

Altium Ltd serves a diverse range of industries, with significant market share in:

  • Automotive: Providing advanced design solutions for automotive electronics.

  • Aerospace and Defense: Offering robust tools for high-reliability applications.

  • Consumer Electronics: Enabling rapid development and innovation in consumer gadgets.

  • Telecommunications: Supporting the design of complex communication systems.

Key Competitors of Altium Ltd

Cadence Design Systems


Cadence Design Systems is a major competitor in the EDA market, offering a wide range of software and hardware design tools. Cadence’s comprehensive suite includes tools for IC design, PCB design, and system analysis.

Competitive Advantages

  • Extensive Product Portfolio: Cadence offers a broader range of EDA tools compared to Altium.

  • Advanced IC Design Tools: Cadence is particularly strong in integrated circuit (IC) design and verification tools.

  • Global Reach: Cadence has a significant presence in international markets, bolstered by strategic acquisitions and partnerships.


  • Allegro: A leading PCB design solution known for its advanced capabilities.

  • OrCAD: A suite of PCB design tools catering to smaller teams and less complex projects.

  • Virtuoso: An integrated solution for IC design.

Mentor Graphics (a Siemens business)


Mentor Graphics, now part of Siemens Digital Industries Software, provides a wide range of EDA solutions, including PCB design, IC design, and embedded software development tools.

Competitive Advantages

  • Integration with Siemens: Enhanced capabilities through Siemens’ industrial software ecosystem.

  • Strong PCB and IC Design Tools: Notable for powerful design and verification tools.

  • Focus on Digital Twin Technology: Leveraging Siemens’ expertise in digital twin technology for more advanced simulation and modeling.


  • PADS: A comprehensive PCB design tool aimed at mainstream engineers.

  • Xpedition: Advanced PCB design software offering high-end capabilities.

  • Calibre: A widely used platform for IC verification and physical design.

Zuken Inc.


Zuken Inc. is a global provider of EDA solutions, with a strong focus on PCB and wire harness design. Zuken’s products are known for their reliability and performance in handling complex design challenges.

Competitive Advantages

  • Specialized Design Solutions: Focused on PCB, wire harness, and control panel design.

  • Strong Presence in Automotive and Aerospace: Particularly strong in industries requiring high-reliability solutions.

  • Integration Capabilities: Known for seamless integration with other engineering systems.


  • CR-8000: An advanced PCB design suite that supports multi-board systems.

  • E3.series: A comprehensive solution for wire harness and control panel design.

  • CADSTAR: A versatile PCB design tool catering to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Market Dynamics and Competitive Strategies

Innovation and R&D

Innovation is a critical competitive factor in the EDA market. Altium and its competitors heavily invest in R&D to develop new features and improve existing tools. Key areas of innovation include:

  • Cloud Computing: Enhanced collaboration and data management through cloud-based platforms.

  • AI and Machine Learning: Integrating AI to optimize design processes and improve efficiency.

  • IoT Integration: Developing tools that support IoT device design and connectivity.

Strategic Partnerships and Acquisitions

Strategic partnerships and acquisitions are common strategies to enhance capabilities and market reach. For instance:

  • Cadence: Acquired companies like AWR Corporation to enhance RF and microwave design capabilities.

  • Mentor Graphics: Integration into Siemens’ ecosystem has provided significant synergies and expanded market opportunities.

  • Zuken: Partners with other software providers to enhance interoperability and extend functionality.

Customer Support and Community Engagement

Providing exceptional customer support and fostering a strong user community are essential for maintaining customer loyalty and driving adoption. Altium’s active engagement with its user base through forums, webinars, and training sessions helps it stay competitive.