Play mode will continue to be available for all time. There's a competition for you to join ladders. Arena is another WoW cataclysm Gold game mode that we consider to be a fantastic and exciting game mode that's going remain in the game for a long time. Therefore, features that are essential for the future are "How can we improve these the two game modes?" We're not just searching for the next thing, we take a look back and decide what's the best option for the arena and construction moving forward.

On the other hand it's kind of uneven for certain hero classes over others. Two mages have been in the game however, we're still without a Rogue and Druid. What factors are involved in these types of choices?

We're enthusiastic about creating a brand new character. We're not forgetting any of the classes, of course. Mage now has two classes as well as all the other classes, I believe will eventually, be able to have their own unique curriculum. We're always working on and trying to figure out. There's nothing to announce at this moment, but we're aware that all classes need to be embraced.

What is it about introducing a brand new hero altogether? Do you continue to play with or are you working on card games to teach the class you teach.

We're all designers, and we all consider a variety of wild ideas. One thought that flits through our minds often is "Hey what if there was a brand new class? What would it be like?" The answer currently is that there's so many possibilities to discover within the classes are already in place and it's vital that all classes feel like they are part of a distinct identity. The more classes you take on, the more likely it is that they will feel like each other will increase.

I believe that nine is an excellent number, and there's lots of possibilities to explore. We have several expansions in the future and many years of content that we could enhance those nine classes and create a different experience. I believe that we can expand the decks of Druid and still stay within the boundaries of druid and feel distinct from the way it is today, without something such as adding another class. There's a lot of information to be explored. This isn't something we're considering right now.

Returning to Tavern Brawl as it allows you to play with new ways of playing Have you come across anything that you were genuinely surprised by the way you developed? Something that everyone really liked and you thought would never catch or in the opposite direction, something you observed that people truly dislike?

I'm sure that most of the things we saw were what we anticipated. However, one thing I did not anticipate was when we first announced Tavern Brawl, we all knew that there are two distinct types of players. There are players who are genuinely excited about the rules that are unique and are able to build themselves a deck. Another set feels like their collection isn't as extensive but they're certainly not the best deck builders. They're already feeling that it's difficult to build the perfect ladder deck which is why they like pre-built decks that let them play and then move forward.

I was unsure if those already constructed decks could be a hit with the competitive types who prefer to think things through by themselves. Many of the constructed Tavern Brawls are very popular with cheap Cataclysm Classic Gold all the people who attend. It's possible that I put too great emphasis on the notion that if we had pre-constructed the decks, players don't feel as if they are responsible for their losses and wins. If you can create an extremely fun Tavern Brawl with a really enjoyable ruleset, it doesn't matter if you're playing with a deck that was constructed. If you're able to get into a fun and exciting mode, that's the most important aspect.