Elden Ring Gameplay & Combat Tip 11 - Defeat any enemies with glowing eyes

Always defeat any enemies you see with Elden Ring Items glowing eyes as these enemies are holding five times the amount of runes they usually do for lesser enemies in limb Grove this doesn't matter too much oh instead of 50 Elden Ring runeshe drops 250 but later on in the game when you're seeing enemies that drop thousands of runes that vulgar militia in the Forbidden lands usually drops what five thousand if you see one with glowing eyes that's 25 000 rooms just waiting to be yours always keep an eye out for these enemies and even if you're just beelining it to your next objective.

Elden Ring Gameplay & Combat Tip 12 - Min-max your damage

If you're looking to min-max your damage, keep your eye out for weather effects because they will have a genuine impact on your gameplay most prominently if it is raining any lightning-based attack will deal bonus damage and any Firebase attack will deal reduced damage not that anyone needs to go this far or be this drastic, but in theory, you could have two builds, you could have a lightning build and a fire build and mix them up depending on the weather and also though much rarer, you will sometimes see Golden Leaves From the Earth tree covering the sky all around you and this will grant you a permanent bonus to your Rune game for the duration of this weather effect, so make the most out of it and make sure you don't rest and pass the time and skip out on this very rare event.

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