Tourney Cracked Tear - Temporarily boost your successive attack power, it is going to go well with our two talismans that are actually doing the same thing and we're taking advantage of Elden Ring Runes the other two talismans which are going to raise our skill and our power when our HP is high to the highest level we are going to be deleting and on top of that we're going to be using the dexterity not Crystal Tear

Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear - Since the weapon itself does scale with magic, you are going to be able to temporarily boost your magic attack for about three minutes, additionally but the good thing about it is that either magic or dexterity not both of them work just about the same.

Top 3 – Eleden Ring Overpowered Fire God Build

Out of all of the popular builds in Elden Ring, fire seemingly fell behind until now, with this build you're going to be able to One-Shot bosses and embarrass people in PvP. This build focuses on faith and Arcane. So get out that larval tear, head over to elden ring items buy online Ronaldo and get your rebirth going.