It's not something that anybody likes to see,EA FC 24 Coins  but unfortunately, diving is a big part of the game. Back in the late 90's and early 00's, it was also a part of EA Sports FC. It wasn't well advertised, but by double tapping one of the shoulder buttons, players could have their player hurl themselves to the ground. It was difficult to pull off, but when it worked out it was a satisfying feeling to say the least.

Reintroducing the feature could add a new level of strategy to EA Sports FC games. The modern rules on diving would also add a nice risk element to the mechanic, with players being encouraged to use it sparingly to avoid their own team being punished by the ref.

Nothing against Hayden Pennyfeather or Derek Milborrow here, but the use of fictional referees in EA Sports FC titles is holding the series back. It's easy to see why EA continues to use them, but given how far the series has come in its quest to provide an authentic experience, it's about time they added real referees into the game.

They'd have to be careful how they implemented them, but by analyzing the number of cards dished out to determine strictness and then keeping the stats hidden, EA could get around any potential issues. Refs like Michael Oliver and Jonathan Moss are just as much a part of the sport as the players themselves and they deserve to be represented as such.

Play is deep into stoppage time and the match is balancing on a knife's edge. EAFC 24 Coins for sale  Suddenly a player breaks away and is through on goal. The defender can't make a tackle and a goal seems all but guaranteed. Then, out of nowhere, the player on the ball is viciously taken out by a crunching foul. The offending player is sent off - but, more importantly, his team are still in it.