Effective Lab India is the best supplier and manufacturer of colour-matching cabinets. The colour-matching cabinet of Effective Lab India is the universal choice for users because it provides accurate and fast matching solutions. 

This machine is designed by the engineers of Effective Lab India.  That is embedded with several light sources for the assessment of colours in the products. Testing the products with a colour matching equipment helps you to maintain the consistency and quality of colours and it ensures you deliver metamerism-free products to your customers.


Moreover, A color matching cabinet has a standardized and controlled lighting condition which ensures that high-quality products are delivered to the customers. 

For the ease of viewing colour difference, the angle of the booth is set to 45 degrees.


Working Procedure of Colour Matching Cabinet by Effective Lab India


It works by providing a standardized condition of lighting for the evaluation of colour accuracy of materials.

There are multiple light sources in Colour-matching machines for the simulation of various lighting environments. These light sources include fluorescent, daylight incandescent etc. 

These light sources have specific colour temperatures, which help in assessing how colours appear under different lighting conditions. You can determine the colour quality of your products by comparing the material under these standardized light sources. 


Colour Matching Cabinet

colour matching cabinet is equipment which is used in laboratories and industries for the maintenance and assessment of colours. A colour assessment cabinet is recommended in industries and laboratories where consistency and quality of colour are important.

With the help of a color matching cabinet, a standardised environment is provided by the visual assessment and evaluation of colours. There is a phenomenon in which samples of tests appear to match under one light source but after viewing with another light source, they seem different. This phenomenon is termed as metamerism. So, in the situation of metamerism, we highly recommend you use the Effective Lab India’s Colour-matching machine.



  • Standardized and controlled lightening conditions.
  •  Wide Viewing Area
  •  High Quality Light sources used.
  •  Standards: ISO 3664, BS 950, ASTM D 1729, DIN 6173


1: What is a colour-matching cabinet used for?

Ans: A colour-matching cabinet is used to assess colours on different products. It is used in several industries such as; paint, plastic, textile, yarn etc.

2: What is a colour-matching system?

Ans: It is a computerized tool which allows the users to evaluate the competitor’s colours in their products.

3: Is colour matching accurate?

Ans: Yes, colour matching can be accurate if using a colour-matching cabinet.

4: What is the colour-matching light box price?

Ans: The pricing of colour-matching machines starts from 20000 INR to 40000 INR in India.