ESO Crown Crates are new items that can be purchased from ESO Crown Store. What’s so special about these items and what benefits do they give? These chests contain various ESO Items for Sale and when you open them you receive stuff that can be used while playing. You can find different pets and mounts and other consumable items.

eso crown crates

Each crate includes a total of four items from a "randomized selection of useful consumables and collectibles" worth more than the cost of an individual create.

Every time you purchase a crate, there's a chance you will receive a bonus fifth item, and you will be given Crown Gems in the event that one of the items you receive is a pet, mount, personality or costume that you already acquired from a Crown Crate. Additionally, select items can be converted to Crown Gems at your choosing, which can then be used to purchase other collectible goods.


The Elder Scrolls Online is giving away four free Stonelore Crown Crates to anyone that gifts five Event Tickets before January 3.

To get four free Crown Crates this Christmas in The Elder Scrolls Online, you must follow a few simple steps:

Gift four Event Tickets to player(s) from the Events section.

You will get your Stonelore Crown Crates when the New Life Festival in-game event ends.

The Crown Crates your receive will include Y’ffre-touched items and collectibles.

The New Life Festival event ends on January 3, and you will get your Crown Crates by January 31.

A single Crown Crate can be purchased for 400 crowns. Bundles are also available, with four Crates priced at 1500 crowns and 15 Crates available for 5000 crowns.

The Endeavors system is due to arrive as part of Update 30 in mid-June and will give players new daily and weekly tasks to complete that offer various rewards and a new currency called Seals of Endeavor. The tasks that players will be asked to do include stealing items, completing quests, selling items, crafting, and more.

“The number of daily or weekly Endeavors you can complete each day or week will vary, so be sure to check what the cap currently is and work out which of the available Endeavors you’d like to take on. This is to ensure that everybody, regardless of their play style, has an opportunity to earn the new currency without having to complete activities they don’t necessarily enjoy,” the developer explains. “Once you’ve reached the daily or weekly cap for completed Endeavors, the remaining ones are then deactivated. When the day is over, the daily Endeavors will reset and new ones will become available, and when the week is over, the weekly Endeavors will do the same.”

As mentioned above, players will be rewarded with new Seals of Endeavor for completing these tasks, with the amount rewarded being based on the day and challenge level of the Endeavor. Players can use this new currency to purchase any item currently available in Crown Crates, including consumables, pets, cosmetics, and rare Radiant Apex mounts. However, the developer notes that items acquired in this way cannot be converted into gems.

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