Consequently, players have the freedom to try out more formations and tactics this year, as there aren't any overpowered strategies to exploit that every player will end up using. So, to give players a few ideas for how to play, here are a handful of reliable formations. Updated on May 4. 2022. by Jack Pursey: FC 24 Coins has been included in Sony's latest offering of games for PlayStation Plus subscribers, along with Tribes of Midgard and Curse of the Dead Gods. Consequently, the game's Ultimate Team mode will likely be receiving a wave of new players soon.

To help beginners get started, we've updated this list of the best formations in FC 24 to offer some more options and guidance.

The 4222 is an attacking formation that is ideal for high-pressing sides. It was notably used by Ralf Rangnick at the start of his Manchester United tenure, and it has also been used by Thomas Tuchel at times this season, often as a mid-game alteration. Defensively, the formation is usually used to force the opposition out wide through the resilient pressing of the 2 CMs, 2 CAMs, and 2 Strikers. If the ball is won back, the team can then spring a deadly counter-attack with the four attacking players bursting forward.

The 41212 (2) isn't used too often in real-life today, but it is an effective formation in FC 24. The latest game in the long-running series emphasizes midfield control, so packing four players in the middle of the park is certainly not a bad idea. The side's wing-backs should be given overlapping roles to ensure that they can provide the width and get crosses into the box for the two strikers. It's also important to pick central midfield players with good short passing accuracy, to ensure that they can intricately move the ball between themselves and into the striker, without getting caught out by the opposition press.

The 532 is a formation commonly associated with Antonio Conte and, to a lesser extent, Thomas Tuchel. The 532 may look like a defensive formation on paper, though the two wing-backs can be instructed to essentially play as wingers, who will stretch the opposition and open gaps for the strikers and any midfielders bursting forwards. The formation is also solid defensively when managed well, with the 3 central midfielders ideally stopping the opposition from getting any sort of control or foothold on the game, while the 5 defenders provide plenty of cover at the back.

The 433 shape has become one of the most popular formations in the world. The formation had a sharp increase in popularity in the mid-2000s when Jose Mourinho won his first Premier League with Chelsea, and it cheap EA FC Coins hasn't looked back since. While Jose Mourinho's mid-2000s playstyle was predominantly defensive-minded, the 433 has been tweaked and altered over the years to the point where it is now seen as an offensive shape.