Soon after Blizzard declared Diablo 4 into the world at BlizzCon 2019, Grinding Gear Games showed the entire world Path of Exile two at ExileCon 2019. Excitement for both titles has hit fever pitch, and many are wondering what sport to Path of exile currency devote their precious time on. While both games are shaping up to be excellent in their own right, some systems and attributes appear to be lacking when you compare both to each other. Path of Exile favors immense personality thickness and deep customization, while Diablo is about visceral battle and fantastic worldbuilding.

With a merged client, Path Of Exile will gain from all of the improvements and improvements the last match needed. With the abundance of content included since 2013, it has a huge leg up in things and enemies to battle compared to what Blizzard could provide. Grinding Gear Games have also made both games share the exact same endgame systems, meaning that Path Of Exile can build on the countless maps, supervisors, and encounters developed through the years. It will be really hard to POE orbs for sale beat what PoE provides.