"Final Fantasy 7 Remake" reimagines the classic 1997 RPG, bringing a rich, expanded narrative and stunning visuals to a new generation. Set in the dystopian city of Midgar, the story follows Cloud Strife, a former SOLDIER turned mercenary, who joins the eco-terrorist group AVALANCHE. Their mission is to take down the corrupt megacorporation Shinra, which is exploiting the planet's life force, known as Mako. As the plot unfolds, players are drawn into a deeper conflict involving ancient forces and a mysterious character named Sephiroth. 

Basic Gameplay:
The game blends real-time action with strategic command-based combat. Players control Cloud and other characters, switching between them during battles to utilize their unique abilities and strengths. Exploration, puzzle-solving, and character customization through the Materia system are key elements. The remake expands the original game's story, adding new characters, quests, and locations.

Eligor - Boss Overview
Character Role and Attributes:
Eligor is a formidable boss encountered in the Train Graveyard. Known for its eerie appearance, Eligor rides a chariot and wields a large scythe, making it a formidable opponent with both physical and magical attacks. It can inflict various status ailments and requires strategic planning to defeat.

Unlocking Eligor's Location:
To encounter Eligor, players need to progress through Chapter 11, "Haunted." This chapter takes place in the Train Graveyard. The specific point to engage Eligor is towards the end of the chapter after solving a series of puzzles and battling through lesser enemies.

Route to Eligor:

Start in the Train Graveyard: Navigate through the eerie environment, solving puzzles and clearing obstacles.
Follow the Main Path: The path will eventually lead to a large, open area where Eligor awaits.
Landmarks: Look for broken trains and spectral apparitions, which indicate you are nearing the boss area. Pay attention to eerie, ghostly sounds and visual cues like glowing lights.
Signals and Signposts:

Spectral Presence: Increased ghost sightings and eerie music.
Environmental Changes: The area becomes darker and more sinister.
Save Point: Just before the boss area, there will be a save point to prepare.
Entering Battle Mode:

Cutscene Trigger: A cutscene will play, indicating the transition to battle mode.
Character Recommendation: Use Cloud for strong melee attacks, Aerith for healing and magic, and Tifa for agility and combos.
Combat Strategy Against Eligor
Phases and Skills:

Phase One:

Attacks: Eligor uses physical strikes and status effects.
Skill to Watch: "Piercing Gaze" - dodge to the side to avoid.
Phase Two:

New Abilities: Eligor starts using powerful wind-based attacks.
Skill to Watch: "Aero" - use a Guard or Barrier to mitigate damage.
Phase Three:

Increased Aggression: Eligor becomes faster and more relentless.
Skill to Watch: "Scythe Strike" - avoid by dodging backward or to the side.
Avoiding Fatal Skills:

Piercing Gaze: Keep moving laterally to avoid the direct hit.
Aero: Stay mobile and use magical barriers for protection.
Scythe Strike: Time your dodges carefully, moving away from the attack's trajectory.
Detailed Evasion Techniques:

Dodge Rolling: Use Cloud's dodge roll to evade fast attacks.
Barrier Spells: Aerith can cast a Barrier to reduce incoming damage.
Healing: Keep Aerith ready to heal the party frequently.

Recommended Characters and Tactics for Fighting Eligor
Recommended Characters:

Cloud Strife:

Role: Main damage dealer
Key Skills:
Braver: A strong physical attack
Triple Slash: Hits multiple enemies or the same target three times
Focus Thrust: Staggers enemies faster
Operation Tips: Use Cloud's speed to stay close to Eligor and deal consistent damage while dodging attacks.
Aerith Gainsborough:

Role: Healer and magic damage dealer
Key Skills:
Arcane Ward: Allows double casting of spells within its range
Healing Wind: Heals the party
Ray of Judgment: Deals sustained magic damage
Operation Tips: Keep Aerith at a safe distance, casting spells and healing the party as needed. Use Arcane Ward to maximize damage output.
Tifa Lockhart:

Role: High mobility and quick attacks
Key Skills:
Unbridled Strength: Increases damage potential
Omnistrike: Powerful physical attack
Star shower: Deals significant damage and increases stagger gauge
Operation Tips: Use Tifa's speed to get in and out of range quickly. Focus on building the stagger gauge and unleashing high-damage attacks once Eligor is staggered.
Damage Structure and Key Elements
Skills and Damage Output:

Cloud’s Braver and Triple Slash: Great for dealing consistent damage.
Aerith’s Ray of Judgment: Effective for dealing sustained magic damage.
Tifa’s Starshower: Ideal for increasing stagger gauge and dealing high damage.
Key Elements for Damage:

Elemental Weakness: Eligor is weak to Ice, so equip Ice Materia on Cloud or Aerith for additional damage.
Staggering: Focus on building up the stagger gauge using abilities like Focus Thrust and Starshower. Once staggered, Eligor takes increased damage.
Eligor’s Attack Patterns and Phases
Phase 1:

Basic Attacks: Includes scythe swings and charge attacks.
Weakness: Vulnerable to physical attacks and Ice spells.
Tactics: Dodge side-to-side to avoid scythe swings and use hit-and-run tactics.
Phase 2:

Aero Attacks: Wind-based magic that can knock back characters.
Chariot Summon: Eligor rides a chariot, gaining speed and attack power.
Tactics: Use Aerith’s Barrier to reduce damage from magic attacks and maintain mobility.
Phase 3:

Increased Aggression: Eligor uses more frequent and powerful attacks.
Scythe Strike: A deadly, sweeping attack.
Tactics: Keep moving to avoid being hit, and use powerful abilities during stagger windows.
Rewards for Defeating Eligor
Items and Uses:

Bladed Staff (Aerith’s Weapon):
Skill: Lustrous Shield, creates a barrier that nullifies projectiles.
Use: Adds versatility to Aerith’s arsenal, enhancing her defensive capabilities.
Impact in Game:

Bladed Staff: Improves Aerith’s combat effectiveness, especially in battles requiring defense against ranged attacks.
Experience Points and Gil: Boosts overall character progression and economic resources for buying items and upgrades.
Common Pitfalls and Suggestions
Pitfall 1: Ignoring Elemental Weaknesses

Suggestion: Equip Ice Materia and exploit Eligor’s weakness to maximize damage.
Pitfall 2: Poor Positioning

Suggestion: Always keep moving to avoid Eligor’s wide-range attacks and use cover effectively.
Pitfall 3: Neglecting Healing and Buffs

Suggestion: Use Aerith’s healing abilities and Cloud’s buffs to keep the team in fighting shape.

By understanding Eligor’s attack patterns, exploiting his weaknesses, and using strategic character abilities, players can effectively defeat this challenging boss. Remember to use the environment to your advantage, keep your team healed, and coordinate attacks to maximize damage during stagger phases. Good luck, and may your battles in Midgar be victorious!

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