Effects of the Shattering:

The shattering not only disrupted the cycle of life and death but also granted certain groups immortality, as seen with the aging and rotting nobles. The Wraith callers and Revenants share a hollowed appearance, suggesting a connection to Elden Ring Runes this bestowed immortality. The war between Leonia and Lell adds another layer to their vulnerability to UR tree healing spells, showcasing the lasting impact of historical conflicts.

Speculations on the Curse:

Speculating on the origins of the curse, it is theorized that the Wraith callers and Revenants were once thriving inhabitants of Leria, now cursed and corrupted. The connection to spirits, amplified by the Golden Order's manipulation, may have played a role in their transformation. Grave violets and ghost gloom drops from defeated Wraith callers and Revenants respectively hint at their connection to buy Elden Ring Runes death rituals and spirit tuning.