UFL will be a free-to-play game with regular updates to add new players or change the existing stats of certain players in the FC 24 Coins game. The free-to-play platform makes it accessible, and Strikerz Inc has decided to focus much of the game on online play while still offering gamers the opportunity to try out offline or couch co-op modes that made the genre such a popular choice in the beginning. Strikerz Inc‘s model for this game could shake up the entire genre and force companies like EA to take a hard look at how FC 24 Ultimate Teamure titles are created.

UFL will focus on giving gamers fair matchmaking options and reliable updates to make online play more enjoyable for everyone. This means that gamers will only be able to play against people with the same rank, ensuring that newer gamers are not being destroyed by veteran gamers. This has been a massive problem in the FIFA franchise, as matchmaking simply finds available gamers, regardless of skill level, ensuring it is not a friendly space for newcomers. UFL's strategy could elevate it to the top of the soccer gaming space and make it a mainstay for fans of the genre.

Another big promise that UFL is trying to deliver on is ensuring that there are no pay-to-win mechanics within the game. FIFA ‘s online modes, namely Ultimate Team, have long been plagued with pay-to-win issues as gamers can buy high-value card packs and simply ensure they have the best team in the game. This feature means that gamers willing to pay money can get a big advantage against others that are unable to access these paid features. Removing pay-to-win mechanics means that UFL will be fairer toward all gamers.

UFL‘s main philosophy could shake up how FIFA titles will be produced in the FC 24 Ultimate Teamure. If UFL is successful, it could attract FIFA ‘s online player base away and force FIFA to focus more on the offline game modes that initially made the franchise so successful. This push would greatly benefit gamers that do not enjoy online game modes, as the current AAA games will need to refresh offline content for FC 24 Ultimate Teamure titles to become successful.

The free-to-play online model also means that gamers that are not readily participating in the online game modes of FIFA can try out UFL‘s online modes and play them alongside buy Fut 24 Coins Career Mode. Furthermore, UFL has promised a realistic element that will actively be updated to bring the best gameplay possible to all new gamers. Strikerz Inc already has numerous licenses from some of the biggest clubs, players, and competitions, ensuring that they can provide realistic gameplay without suffering the issues of club names that plagued eFootball (formerly Pro Evolution Soccer).