Elden Ring, the latest masterpiece from Elden Ring Runes FromSoftware, has quickly become a sensation among gamers, surpassing even the Dark Souls series in popularity. Whether you're a seasoned Soulsborne player or new to FromSoftware's style of games, here are some essential tips to help you on your journey through the Lands Between.

Choose the Right Starting Class: When creating your character, pick a starting class that suits your preferred playstyle. Melee-focused classes like Warrior, Hero, Vagabond, and Samurai offer strong starting weapons and defensive capabilities. Magic users may prefer Astrologer or Prophet for sorcery or incantations, while hybrid classes like Confessor and Prisoner offer a mix of melee and magic abilities.
Master Weapon Skills: Each weapon in Elden Ring has a unique weapon skill that consumes focus points (FP). Experiment with these skills to unleash powerful attacks and make combat more efficient. Remember, you can switch out weapon skills later in the game by finding Ashes of War and visiting a blacksmith.

Utilize Torrent for Travel: Torrent, your spectral steed, not only allows for fast travel but also provides added defense during combat. Practice fighting on horseback to gain an advantage in certain battles and to quickly navigate the expansive world.
Gather Resources: Collecting resources from defeated enemies and scattered locations is crucial for buy Elden Ring Runes crafting items and earning runes, the game's currency. Keep an eye out for plants and other materials as you explore.