Budget Atlas Strategy for Leveling and Currency Farming
This strategy is a strong league start option for Path of exile currency  completing the Atlas solo without buying maps. Focus on using Orbs of Horizon to fill out your Atlas by completing maps you haven't run yet. Apply rarity upgrades to your maps to make them magic or rare quality, increasing map drops to help sustain your pool. By repeatedly completing the entire Atlas this way at the league start, you can rapidly gain Atlas passive points to further accelerate your progression.

Key Points:
Map Sustain: Use Orbs of Horizon and complete maps to gain Atlas passive points quickly.
Avoid Expensive Unique Maps: Ignore costly unique maps like Twilight Temple, Putrid Cloister, and Coward's Trial early on.
Spend Wisely: Use chaos orbs to complete cheap unique maps and buy boss services for voidstones from TFT.
Progression Path: Follow a structured path for efficient Atlas completion.

Mid-Game Atlas Strategy
Once you've established your base, it's time to push further and focus on POE buy currency more profitable strategies.