More Dark Matter reward cards could be earned in addition to this one, also. There's also a 1,000 card restricted release in the Dark Issue Reward Market for Bill Walton. Speaking of rewards and markets, starting tomorrow, May 8, and last all of next week, you can head into the Token Market for yourself some exclusive packs comprising Hall of Fame badges along with other surprises. In addition to that, also starting tomorrow, all MyTeam gamers will be obtaining a Hall of Fame badge everyday next week. Just log in each day to maintain it. Other things you may look forward for this season is the yield of Spotlight Sim, as well as new rewards including the last basketball cards from the Fire Celtics series, the brand-new Holographic Basketball, and Lifetime Agendas which you will receive upon successful completion of some of the new upcoming challenges. In the end, Visual Concepts has announced a new base set - Present Series 3 - which is launch next to Season 7. Included in the set are first-ever Galaxy Opal foundation cards of both Stephen Curry and LeBron James. With NBA 2K22 MyTeam, two new cards are now available for gamers to give a boost to their rosters. What's best about these, is both can be found for free thanks to active Locker Codes. Among those cards features recent record-breaker, Russell Westbrook, using a card that's upgradable. The other is already very upgraded, as it's of the Galaxy Opal variety. Hall of Famer James Donaldson is also available for your own roster. Here are additional details on the two cards and the best way to include them. With Season 7 currently underway, gamers can grab a strong Galaxy Opal card for NBA 2K22 MyTeam. The electricity forward/center gets a 97 Overall score on this GO card. Surprisingly, his sole feature from the 90s is that a 95 Rebounding. If you want to know more about NBA 2K22 MT, you can visit Our website
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