In a world where the crypto realm is evolving enormously and crypto fanatics are making massive incomes by investing in cryptocurrencies, we can’t deny that security breaches are also occurring drastically. As we know security is the name of the game in the crypto space so what do you do to secure your crypto assets on digital platforms?

Probably, you would say that you are using a crypto wallet to save your funds. But, do you know how safe is the crypto wallet that you are using?

If you know it and you have done your own research before opting for that wallet, it is a wise move. You should always do a thorough exploration before owning any digital platform especially when it is related to your funds or confidential details.

In the same context, I’m also going to present an exploration of the usage of a security facet- the secret recovery phrase. This phrase is used to protect a crypto wallet and this feature is used by various prominent wallets including MetaMask. In this read, we will learn, how can we reveal a seed phrase on MetaMask and perform a MetaMask log in using this secret recovery phrase.

Here’s the way to reveal seed phrase of MetaMask wallet

Make sure you have already created a wallet on the MetaMask platform and then you are eligible to access the seed phrase.

  1. First, perform the MetaMask log in with password, if your wallet is locked.
  2. Next, hit the “Accounts” menu and scroll down.
  3. Tap on ‘Settings” and pick up “Security & Privacy” from the prompted menu.
  4. Now, press the link that says “Reveal Secret Recovery Phrase” further.
  5. Provide the password that you use for the MetaMask login and copy the phrase from the following page.

You can also download the secret recovery phrase in a CSV file and can keep it somewhere safe.

Can you perform MetaMask log in with seed phrase?

Well! This is the most common query of millions of MetaMask users so let me clarify it. You can do MetaMask login with password if your wallet is locked and you have your password. But, in case, you have forgotten your password, you can retrieve your wallet with the help of a seed phrase. Here’s how you can do so.

  1. Reinstall the MetaMask and open it.
  2. Click “Get started”.
  3. Click “Import an existing wallet”.
  4. Provide your consent by tapping on the “I Agree” button further.
  5. Type complete and accurate seed phrase in lowercase and finalize the process by following the prompts.

Bottom Line!

Using the MetaMask wallet’s seed phrase which is also known as the secret recovery phrase, you can regain access to your account in case you have forgotten your MetaMask log in password. There is one thing to note always remember to keep your wallet’s seed phrase secure and unshared with anyone as it is crucial information in terms of the security of your wallet.